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meet Betsey

The Betsey behind the Bitsy

playfully inspired

The Bitsy babies

The Bitsy babies


Hi! I'm Betsey. I'm a floral designer/maker/artist/creator/mama of twins 30 miles out to sea on Nantucket Island. Bitsy Betsey is a playful place inside my imagination. You can check out my other work at A little bit about me...


- my B/G twins, Beau & Ridley. No one is as funny as they are!

- nature- growing up on an island you have saltwater in your hair, sand in your toes and shells in your bathing suit ;)

- quotes- especially about being different, believing in yourself and creativity

- dog walks


- in gin.

-in no regrets, I never want to tell my kids when I'm older  "I wish I had done _____"

-color! If it doesn't make your inner child squeal, pick a different one.




Giving Back

For every item purchased, 10% is given back to the Nantucket community via various island nonprofits. Have an idea for a recipient? Shoot us an email at