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Sailing Stork Fund


It all started when...

We (my husband and I) got flown to Boston while 32 weeks pregnant. I had gone into pre-term labor with my twins. While we had known from the start that I'd be delivering in Boston due to the nature of the pregnancy (multiples/high risk) and capabilities of our own Nantucket Cottage Hospital (NCH), we had planned to make our way off island around 34 weeks. While at Massachusetts General Hospital, my labor (thankfully) stopped on it's own- but we were discharged with the stipulation that we had to stay in Boston for the remainder of my pregnancy. Scrambling that Thursday night (at 9pm no less and game night for the Bruins!) to find a place to stay, clothes to wear (we were wearing the same clothes from earlier that day)... heck, even toiletries was the last thing our brains could handle. We ended up hotel hopping for a few weeks at about $400/night hotel hospital patient rate- every day wondering "who's parents should we call tonight?' to help us pay for it all.

Fast forward a year or so, and I joined the newly forming Pediatric Patient Faculty Advisory Committee (PFAC) at NCH. While everyone had tender moments in their leading up to delivery stories, I couldn't help but think of the nightmare that was mine. Add to that a new "twin boom"- 7 more families expecting twins- and I made it a mission to, at the very least, make it somewhat easier for them and all the other high risk/emergency situations where they too could not deliver on island. The Pedi PFAC and particularly my partner in crime- another maker mama Alli Mitchell, rallied and formed the Sailing Stork Fund- to "help bring Nantucket's newest back to the nest". This fund helps alleviate some of the financial and emotional stress a family like such incurs. 10% of all sales go to Nantucket Cottage Hospital and their Sailing Stork Fund. To find out more visit